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On the technological process and yield characteristics of roller bit

source: author: Release time: 2018-10-1090 click

Roller bit not only has many functions, saves electricity, but also has high efficiency and labor saving. The strip is cut into tile directly at the outlet and no need to cut the billet to cut the billet. Watt is not easy to deform. The roller cut green tile can automatically produce a wide and thick finished product tile with narrow and thin ends. All kinds of special patterns can be made regularly according to the requirements of users. Vacuum drilling mud tile machine, brick and tile multi-purpose machine, small volume, light weight, easy to move and transport, occupy less space, simple structure, low price, easy to install, easy to operate and maintain, so that operators of different educational levels can be handy to use. After vacuum, the density and plasticity of the soil can be improved, and tile can be made. For example, shale and stone millet are used as raw materials to make bricks, and ordinary brick is used to make blanks. The moisture content of the soil is low, the body is dried, and it is not easy to deform. The cost of purchase, use and maintenance of Watts was saved, and the yield was increased.

Process of roller bit:

Raw material bucket elevator wheel mill mixer quantitative feeding mixer molded asbestos tile molding machine cement tile maintenance bracket maintenance manual spraying machine or automatic spraying finished products

Features of roller bits:

1. Fast molding speed, large output, the use of PLC programmable controller, automatic control, human-machine interface, more reliable performance. Easy to operate. Full hydraulic pressure pneumatic, production speed of 8 pieces / minute, high yield, cost-effective.

2. Using mortar concrete through compression and filtration molding, the product structure is perfect, variety, high density, strength, size precision, can meet the needs of various types of buildings, is a fine product of concrete products.

3, one machine is multi-purpose. The machine can produce all kinds of main tiles, ridge tiles, side tiles, drain ditch tiles, etc. by changing the mold. At the same time, it can also produce all kinds of high-grade colored floor tiles, such as terrazzo tiles, polished and shot peening floor tiles, washed floor tiles and so on.

Advantages of roller bit:

1, the total power 7.75KW, save electricity;

2. The whole production process-from feeding raw materials to sending out molding bricks, tiles, controlled by procedures, automatic realization, without manual operation, only the staff will be automatically sent to pick up the slab table bricks, tiles can be taken away, no longer need to remove tiles from the tile mold, to solve the problem of crushing the finger of the operator tile press, safety, and safety. Save worry;

3, the output is more than twice that of the ordinary tile press. If the flat tile is pressed, it can produce about 1500 pieces per hour, so it is efficient.

4, automatically smear the mold oil and save oil.

5, no need for manual trimming of tile billet, directly on the shelves, without Watt, saving money.

6, the whole machine production, one person cutting materials, two people picking up, less manpower, low labor intensity, labor saving;

7. Pressing bricks and tiles to reduce the drying sensitivity of green body, reduce product breakage loss and increase economic benefits.

8, brick and tile products, smooth, clean, beautiful and generous, welcomed by users, make more money.

9. Replacement of the corresponding mold can produce bricks and tiles of different varieties and specifications, such as square tiles, face tiles, ancient building tiles, flat tiles, hanging tiles, Bo tiles, plate tiles, tube tiles, trigonometric tiles, ridge tiles, trench tiles and so on, so as to achieve multi-function. What users need to do in the market is not afraid of big market changes and strong ability to resist risks.

10. Parameters: Power: 7.75 Kw theoretical class output: 370 *242 *13 flat tile 12000 120 *9 *200 + 30 tube tile 22000 400 *400 *60 square brick 4000 pieces.