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Small tips for the processing of roller bits

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Carbon fiber cone bit processing methods are many, many also belong to the category of mechanical processing, the most used are stamping, forging, roller processing, rolling, bulging, stretching, bending, and combination of processing methods.

Carbon fiber roller bit machining is an organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing. Examples are as follows:

Forging method: The end or part of the pipe is punched and stretched by a die forging machine to reduce the outer diameter. The commonly used die forging machines are rotary, connecting rod and roller type.

Stamping method: Carbon fiber cone bit end is expanded to the required size and shape with tapered core on the punch.

Roller method: core is placed in carbon fiber roller bit and pressed by rollers around the periphery for round edge machining.

Rolling method: generally do not use mandrel, suitable for thick walled tube inner rim.

Bending forming method: there are three more common methods, one is called stretching method, the other is called stamping method, the third is more familiar with the roller method, there are 3-4 rollers, two fixed rollers, one adjusting roller, adjusting the fixed roller distance, carbon fiber cone bit is bending. This method is widely applied, and the curvature can also be increased if the spiral pipe is produced.

Bulging method: one is to place rubber in the carbon fiber cone bit, the top of the punch compression, so that the tube protruding forming; another method is hydraulic bulging, filling liquid in the middle of the carbon fiber cone bit, * liquid pressure to the tube into the desired shape, like the bellows we commonly used for most of the production. This is the way.