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Roller bit technology improves again

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With the improvement of technology and the improvement of quality, a new type of vacuum tile machine has come into the market.

The fifth generation - fully automatic NC molded cone bit production line: high-speed concrete molded cone bit recommendation: concrete molded cone bit) is a new type of cone bit production line without "swing cylinder" slide table. The main engine is made of "ductile iron" without welding "ductile iron". The term "ductile iron" indicates that the cast iron containing spheroidal graphite can be made into spheroidal graphite by adding a certain amount of magnesium or magnesium alloy into the molten iron, which can increase the strength, toughness and ductility of the cast iron. Mainly used to replace the "steel" casting heavy-duty cone bit or agricultural parts of cone bit (so no "fracture" phenomenon).

High speed quality molded roller bit host: Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC or delta computer numerical control configuration. The hydraulic system of the whole machine adopts Nissan and imported original parts. To ensure the continuous operation of the machine, so that the overall quality of domestic and foreign similar products to achieve the most advanced level. High-speed high-quality tile molding machine: is the "fourth generation of high-speed concrete tile molding machine" in the tile molding equipment, the molding speed can reach 7-10 pieces per minute. At present, it is the fastest-forming "moulded concrete colored tile machine" on the market, which makes "plastic concrete" through high pressure of 150 tons by high-quality mold filter. Therefore, the product has high density, high strength, advanced structure, good rain and wind resistance, smooth surface, accurate size, and is a fine product of concrete products. Hydraulic system: adopt "Japan oil research" hydraulic system. Matching: Import "intelligent hydraulic system device". Oil pressure can be automatically allocated. It is an advanced configuration in the hydraulic system. The molding speed is 7-10 pieces per minute. It is truly a "high-speed automatic roller bit production line" in the modern "molding roller bit machine".

Professional production of cone bit cone bit always at a reasonable price, quality service, sincere cooperation with you, sincerely hope to work with you to seek common development and create the future!