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152.4mm three roller bit hot selling drill bit with steel teeth

Release time: 2018-10-09

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product details

technical parameter

1. High wear-resistant alloy sand is used to harden the back of the hand and the whole surface of the teeth, thus greatly improving the service life of the bit.

2. The number of teeth, the number of teeth, the height of teeth exposed and the unique shape of teeth have been optimized to give full play to the cutting ability and cutting speed of the bit.

3. The main diameters are 45/8", 6", "7", "7 1/2", "8 1/2", "9 1/2", "9 5/8", "9 7/8", "12 1/4", "12 1/2", "14 3/4", "15 1/2", "16", "17 1/2", "22", "26" etc.

4. Steel tooth cone bit is suitable for soft formation, soft to medium hardness formation, widely used in oil fields, mines, geological exploration, hydrological exploration, engineering piling, geothermal development, water wells and other drilling fields.

Feature description

Rotary bit has been widely used as a tool for drilling rock strata. The significant improvement of bit performance directly reduces drilling costs, especially in the last decade. Two performance indexes of service life and penetration rate determine the degree of impact of bit on drilling cost. Increasing the bit's penetration rate and service life is an effective way to reduce the drilling cost. It has been proved by some data that the improvement of bit's penetration rate has more influence on reducing the drilling cost than the improvement of bit's life. The improvement of bit's cutting structure is the most direct way to increase the bit's penetration rate. For a long time, the improvement of cutting structure has mainly focused on the structure of the main cutting teeth, such as carbide teeth, wedge-shaped teeth, spoon-shaped teeth, off-top spoon-shaped teeth, and other wear teeth have been invented. It is gradually recognized that the diameter-preserving structure also has a great influence on the bit's mechanical drilling rate and life, especially in high deviated wells and horizontal wells, which requires a reasonable diameter-preserving structure. Many new diameter-preserving structures have been developed and applied to cone bit, and good results have been achieved.


In our drilling process, the three-cone bit is widely used as an important downhole tool. In the process of using it, we must use the correct method to operate the bit, so as to increase the efficiency of the bit and prolong the service life of the bit. Next, let's introduce the correct use of roller bits.

1, users should select the suitable formation and applicable parameters according to the instruction.

2, the surface equipment and mud performance should meet the construction requirements, and the drilling and drilling operations should be balanced.

3, the bottom of the well must be clean, and the drill bit must not be expanded or droned.

4. It is forbidden to heat the bit (such as welding, boiling, fire roasting etc.) The new bit can not be soaked in oil and forced to move the cone.

5. The nozzles produced by our company should be used and loaded and unloaded according to the regulations. It is forbidden to use nozzles with erosion marks, notches, cracks and other defects.

6. When the bit is used in the later period, the operator should judge and analyze the downhole situation at any time. If the drilling speed is too slow, the teeth are worn out, the bit should be stopped and the pump pressure should be abruptly changed, then the nozzle and the flow path should be checked.