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IADC 525 three roller bit metal seal

Release time: 2018-10-09

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Wholesale IADC 525 three cone bit metal seal

Product list:

Product Description:


Cutting structure:

A new wear-resistant alloy is welded on the tooth surface of the steel tooth drill to enhance the abrasion resistance of the cutting teeth. High quality cemented carbide teeth with new formulation and new technology are used to enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties of cutting teeth.

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Diameter preserving structure:

Multiple diameter-preserving structure is adopted: the outer edge teeth of the cone wheel are inlaid and trimmed, the back of the cone wheel is inlaid with cemented carbide teeth, and the wear-resisting alloy is surfaced on the tip and front side of the claw to improve the diameter-preserving ability of the drill bit.


Bearing structure:

High precision radial sliding, axial thrust bearing and steel ball locking are adopted. The claw journal is welded with wear-resistant alloy, and the inner hole of the tooth wheel is welded with special alloy and plated with silver to enhance the wear resistance and anti-bite ability of the bearing.


Sealed lubrication:

High performance sealing ring is selected for bearing seal, the best sealing compression and arc sealing structure can effectively improve the performance of bearing seal. Adopt high performance special grease for bit.