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Water well 200mm- 7 7/8 inch insert three roller bit

Release time: 2018-10-08

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厂家直销油井,水井 200mm- 7 7/8寸镶齿三牙轮钻头

S series rubber sealing sliding bearing three roller bit

Cutting structure

A new wear-resistant alloy is welded on the tooth surface of the steel tooth drill to enhance the abrasion resistance of the cutting teeth. High quality cemented carbide teeth with new formulation and new technology are used to enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties of cutting teeth.

Diameter retaining structure

Multiple diameter-preserving structure is adopted: the outer edge teeth of the cone wheel are inlaid and trimmed, the back of the cone wheel is inlaid with cemented carbide teeth, and the wear-resisting alloy is surfaced on the tip and front side of the claw to improve the diameter-preserving ability of the drill bit.

Bearing structure

High precision radial sliding, axial thrust bearing and steel ball locking are adopted. The claw journal is welded with wear-resistant alloy, and the inner hole of the tooth wheel is welded with special alloy and plated with silver to enhance the wear resistance and anti-bite ability of the bearing.

Seal lubrication

High performance sealing ring is selected for bearing seal, the best sealing compression and arc sealing structure can effectively improve the performance of bearing seal. Adopt high performance special grease for bit.

Product application

It can withstand high drilling pressure under normal rotational speed and is suitable for drilling in various formations with different tooth shapes, tooth numbers and cutting edge height.

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1. Introduction: Tricone bit is an important tool for oil drilling. Its performance will directly affect drilling quality, drilling efficiency and drilling cost. The most widely used in oil drilling and geological drilling is roller bit. Rotary bit has the function of impacting, crushing and shearing rock when it rotates, so it can adapt to soft, medium and hard formation. Especially after the emergence of jet cone bit and long nozzle cone bit, the drilling speed of cone bit has been greatly improved, which is a great revolution in the history of cone bit development. According to tooth type, cone bit can be divided into milling (steel teeth) cone bit, inlaid (carbide teeth inlaid on the cone) cone bit; according to the number of cone can be divided into single cone, double cone, three cone and Multi-Cone bit. The three cone bit is the most widely used at home and abroad.

2. Working Principle: Under the action of drill pressure and drill string rotation, the tooth crushes and eats into the rock, and produces a certain sliding and shearing rock. When the cone rolls at the bottom of the well, the teeth on the cone in turn impact and press into the formation, which can crush part of the rock at the bottom of the well. At the same time, by the shearing effect of the sliding cone, the remaining part of rock between the teeth is cut off, so that the rock at the bottom of the well is completely broken and the borehole is extended.

3. feature description

1. The floating element is made of new material with high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance and high wear resistance, and its surface is treated with solid lubricant. The bearing life and bearing reliability under high drilling pressure or high rotational speed drilling conditions can be effectively improved by reducing the relative linear velocity of the bearing pair and the temperature rise of the friction surface.

2. Adopt high precision metal seal. The metal seal consists of an elaborately designed and manufactured metal seal ring as the axial dynamic seal of the bearing, and two highly elastic rubber energy supply rings are located in the palm of the tooth and the sealing area of the tooth wheel as the static seal. The optimized sealing compression ensures that the sealing surfaces of the two metal rings are always in good contact.

3, steel ball locking roller to adapt to high speed.

4. Adopting full rubber oil storage bag which can limit pressure difference and prevent drilling fluid from entering lubrication system provides good lubrication guarantee for bearing system.

5, adopt a new type of grease that can withstand 250 degree C high temperature and wear resistance.

6. High strength and toughness cemented carbide teeth are used in the insert bit. The optimized number of teeth, the number of teeth, the height of exposed teeth and the unique shape of alloy teeth make full use of the high wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit. A new wear-resistant material is applied to the tooth surface of steel-tooth bit, which can keep the high penetration rate of steel-tooth bit and improve the service life of cutting teeth.






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3 1/2 英尺至36英尺

(88.9mm 至914.4mm)




2 3/8 至 8 5/8


0.3 -- 1.2


240 -- 40