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Provision of three cone bit for geological exploration

Release time: 2018-10-08

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Provision of three cone bit for geological exploration

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Tricone bit is an important tool in oil drilling. Its performance will directly affect the drilling quality, drilling efficiency and drilling cost. The most widely used in oil drilling and geological drilling is roller bit. Rotary bit has the function of impacting, crushing and shearing rock when it rotates, so it can adapt to soft, medium and hard formation.


Especially after the emergence of jet cone bit and long nozzle cone bit, the drilling speed of cone bit has been greatly improved, which is a great revolution in the history of cone bit development. According to tooth type, cone bit can be divided into milling (steel teeth) cone bit, inlaid (carbide teeth inlaid on the cone) cone bit; according to the number of cone can be divided into single cone, double cone, three cone and Multi-Cone bit. The three cone bit is the most widely used at home and abroad.


  Working Principle: Under the action of drill pressure and drill string rotation, the tooth crushes and eats into the rock, and produces a certain sliding and shearing rock. When the cone rolls at the bottom of the well, the teeth on the cone in turn impact and press into the formation, which can crush part of the rock at the bottom of the well. At the same time, by the shearing effect of the sliding cone, the remaining part of rock between the teeth is cut off, so that the rock at the bottom of the well is completely broken and the borehole is extended.

 High precision metal seal is adopted. The metal seal consists of an elaborately designed and manufactured metal seal ring as the axial dynamic seal of the bearing, and two highly elastic rubber energy supply rings are located in the palm of the tooth and the sealing area of the tooth wheel as the static seal. The optimized sealing compression ensures that the sealing surfaces of the two metal rings are always in good contact.

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